2009 Hunt Report

Our 2009 season is now over, the ponies are out to pasture for the winter and we are getting settled in here at home. We had another great season at Gana River and lots of happy hunters
went home with some great trophies. The weather in the Mackenzie Mountains was generally good in 2009 with plenty of nice warm sunny days and not too much rain or snow. The rivers
did not flood, the horses were fat and sassy as always, everyone stayed healthy, and there were no wrecks to speak of.

Our sheep hunts were a huge success again this year with 100% success on rams. The age average on the 24 rams harvested was an almost unbelievable 11.1 years. The average length of the rams was a very strong 36.5 inches with 10 of the 24 rams being broomed. Our only archery hunter of 2009 was successful in taking a good ram on the first day of his hunt and then adding a nice velvet caribou. All of our caribou hunters found good bulls to take home and several of the sheep hunters added a caribou to their bag. We took a total of 15 caribou bulls this year with several making the record book. The quality of the caribou in the Mackenzie Mountains is amazing. Our average gross score was once again 380 B&C. We took a few less moose hunters this season with only 4 bulls coming through camp. The best bull was very heavy with tall wide pans and grossed 224 B&C even though he was only 56 inches wide.

We also had several hunters who were successful in taking wolves and several more who missed opportunities. The final tally was 4 wolves down and several more running as fast a possible.

I would like to extend a special thank you to each of our 2009 clients. Many of you have hunted with us over and over and others for the first time. We appreciate each and every one and
hope to see you all again at Gana River. I would also like to thank the members of our wonderful crew for their dedication, their professionalism and all their hard work. It is through your
efforts that our season was such a huge success.

Good Hunting!
Harold & the Gana River Crew.