2010 Hunt Report

The 2010 season has come to an end and the crew and horses are all home and resting up after another great season at Gana River. It is always with a bit of regret that we leave camp and head down the road for home but some fairly deep snow on the road south of Ross River made us thankful we got out when we did. For the most part the weather was great in the Mackenzie Mountains in 2010. The showers that we received were timely and the grass was lush and green after an early spring. We saw tremendous antler growth on the moose and caribou, I am sure in part due to the early spring. The season began a bit early for Laura, Nathan & I as we flew up to camp in late June to open up for a team of geologists that were staying with us before the opening of sheep season. The hydro system continues to run with hardy a glitch and provided our camp with the luxury of free electricity and all of the conveniences it makes possible once again this season.

It was great to have four of our clients bring their wives along to share in their experiences and enjoy our comfortable base camp. We also had four others bring their sons along so that they could hunt together--- what a great way to spend some quality time with your children!

We did have a couple of last minute cancellations that did not fill and so took a few less hunters this year. Once again in 2010 the quality of the game was tremendous. We harvested 18 rams that averaged 10.75 years of age and 36.5 inches in length with several old broomed rams included. Rifle hunters were 100% successful in taking rams again in 2010. We had 2 archery sheep hunters this year and although both had opportunities for stalks on good rams and 1 had several shots neither was able to take a ram home. Click the link below to see more 2010 rams.

The quality of the caribou this season was probably the best we have seen in years. We took a total of 15 bulls with an average gross score of 389 B&C. Three archery caribou hunters were all able to harvest good Pope & Young bulls, the best being a huge bull taken on the first day of his hunt by Mark Seacat that grossed 416 B&C. We saw lots of good caribou this year and lots of calves which should mean good hunting in the years to come.

We only had 5 moose hunters in 2010 an unfortunately one of them had some health concerns and had to go home after only 1 day of hunting. We did take 4 great bulls though with the biggest being a 67.5 inch bull taken at Willow Camp by Kipp Krivoshein. Repeat hunter Josh Horrocks took a great bull in velvet hunting with Adam Grinde on a backpack hunt on the Mountain River. Mixed bag hunter Jon Baker took a good early season bull as well as a good mountain caribou. Colter Grinde also took a bull hunting from Willow camp. In addition to moose hunting the boys found time to build a new hunters cabin at Willow camp which will be a huge improvement to the camp there.

We also built a new cabin at Bordertown in 2010. Late season caribou hunters Spencer Moskwa and Colin Lyons enjoyed the luxury of the new cabin there while hunting with guide Trevor Shulist and both took good caribou. Colin also connected with a nice wolf and wolverine. As usual we had several more misses on wolves but did manage to take a couple for the season.

As usual I would like to thank each and every one of our clients for their participation in our 2010 season. Some have hunted with us before and I hope and pray that many of you will be back again. A special thanks to those of you who brought your children along and introduced them to the world of mountain hunting. We hope that the time spent with us is just the beginning of an enduring friendship. Thanks also to the members of our great crew who work so hard throughout the season. It is through your efforts that our season was such a huge success.

May God bless each and every one, we hope to see you all again soon.
Harold, Laura, Nathan and the Gana River Crew.