2011 Hunt Report

Our 2011 season has come to an end and everyone is back home again after another very good year in the Mackenzie Mountains. Once again this year we had a great group of clients, including three who brought along their wives, and six who came and hunted with their sons. What a great experience to share with your family! Whether new acquaintances or old or old friends we enjoyed each and every client that hunted with us this year and hope that all will have a chance to come and hunt with us again.

We arrived at our Palmer Lake Base Camp on July 2 to find that it had been really hot and dry through June and the country was pretty well dried out. The boys trailing the horses in from Mac Pass welcomed the low water in the rivers on their long ride into camp. Some timely rains arrived early in July and the country greened up nicely before the hunts began on July 15. The game seemed to be plentiful with good lamb counts and lots of rams around the area. There were lots of caribou in the area this year. We saw lots of cows and calves as well as mature bulls but horn growth seemed to be poor, likely due to the bulls not feeding much in the hot and buggy weather in May and June. We were very pleased with the quality of game taken this year.

In total we harvested 17 rams that averaged 10.5 years of age and 36.5 inches in length. All of our rifle hunters who were able to stay and finish their hunts took rams, and 2 of 3 archery hunters took home good rams as well as nice velvet caribou. Our clients took a total of 23 caribou bulls this year and bulls averaged 370 B&C green score. One of the highlights of the year was when our old friend Charles Eddy took a late season bull from our base camp that scored 397 B&C. Charles will be back next year to hunt caribou again at 82 years of age. All 5 of our moose hunters took good bulls this year and the average width was 56 inches. This was our second year of winter wolf hunting and both of our wolf hunters were able to take home 2 nice grey wolves.

Be sure to give Harold a call if you would like to reserve a date for a 2012 or 2013 hunt.

Good Hunting!
Harold, Laura and the whole Gana River crew.