2012 Hunt Report

Hello Everyone.

The 2012 Gana River season has come to an end and we are all home again and the old ponies are out to grass for the winter. We had another great year in the Mackenzie Mountains with lots of good weather and great hunting. We had a great group of clients again in 2012 with quite a few familiar faces in camp as well as a good number of first time clients. There were three father and son teams this year and two hunters who came with their wives. The Mackenzie's saw a very early and mild spring, and as a result we had a tremendous crop of big healthy lambs as well as really good horn growth on the rams. Moose and Caribou also seemed to have good antler growth this year. We arrived at Palmer Lake Base Camp on July 6 and the trail in crew made it to camp on July 9. The weather was hot and dry so the boys had no troubles with high water and trail in went well. We had good showers in early July and there was lush green grass for the sheep all summer. We had a bit of cool weather and quite a snowstorm the second week of September but it made for good moose and caribou hunting.

All of the 2012 clients were successful in taking primary species again this year. We took a total of 21 rams this year. The average age was 11 years and average length was 36.5 inches. Our 2 archery hunters were both successful in taking good quality rams and one added a nice velvet caribou. All 5 of our moose hunters went home with good bulls--3 of them 60 inchers. We had 2 caribou that grossed 435 B&C and several more in the 400 class. We also took a couple of nice wolves on the winter wolf hunts in April. All in all another great season at Gana River!

If you do not have a hunt planned for 2013 or 2014 give Harold a call and see what is available.



One more bit of news, the Gana River Crew has grown by one--Laura gave birth to an 8 pound baby girl early in the morning Sept 04. Mom and baby are both doing fine!

Good Hunting!

Harold, Laura and the Gana River crew.