2013 Hunt Report

Our 2013 season began with the annual spring wolf hunt. One of our groups of wolf hunters had to cancel out on short notice so we just did the one hunt again this year. What a great time! We hunted the last week of March--we had some really cold nights but the days were sunny and fairly mild. The country is amazing in winter--too beautiful to describe. We had a great hunt taking a total of 3 wolves--1 black, 1 grey and 1 that was similar to a blue fox--a very beautiful and unusual colour. We saw quite a bit of other game in the river valleys--there was a bit less snow than other years with very little drifting or crusting.

The summer started with a bit of a challenge for us when we arrived at Ross River to find the North Canol Road still closed. The boys had to trail the horses an extra 3 days (8 days  and about 250 miles total) and we had to fly the crew and supplies into camp from Ross River. Things went well once we got into camp but the old ponies only had a couple of days off before the start of the first hunt. The first half of the season was great but then we got into a pattern of really rotten weather and lost quite a few hunting days with fog, rain and snow. Despite the challenges of the weather we managed to get most of the clients onto game and took some great animals. We had three father and son teams as well as three husband and wife pairs this year--we really do appreciate those who bring along a family member on their hunt. There were of course many repeat clients as well as a good number of new friends who came to hunt with us in 2013. Here is a rundown on the season.

We took a total of 18 rams for 22 sheep hunters. The average age was 10.6 years and average length was 36 inches. Three archery sheep hunters all took good rams. For the first time in many years  the bad weather just did not give a few of the clients any opportunity at a ram this year. The quality of the caribou was really good this year--we took 5 bulls that grossed over 400 B&C. Bulls taken by rifle hunters averaged 380 B&C gross and three archery hunters took caribou. All caribou hunters were successful in taking home bulls and quite a few of our sheep hunters chose to add a caribou on their hunts.  Each of the five moose hunters took good bulls. The biggest was a 68 incher and the average was 60.5 inches. Once again this year we saw some great bulls that showed up just as we were heading home so there should be some great bulls again next year. We had some chances at wolves this summer although no one was able to connect but one of the clients did take a beatiful wolverine on the last hunt of the year. All in all another great season at Gana River and we are already looking forward to the 2014 season.

Good Hunting!

Harold Grinde