It was great to get back to having a somewhat normal season in 2022. Our season went amazingly well all considered. One of our biggest challenges was getting up to camp—floods, washouts and fires in the Yukon made the trip a real challenge.

Some of the crew and I flew to camp from Ross River with two Twin Otter loads of perishables and essential items on July 06 th . It was a scramble to get everything ready at camp with our first clients arriving on July 14 th . Getting our horses up to the end of the road for “trail in” was a struggle. Road closures, wash outs and fires all caused delays—thankfully our first horseback hunt clients were all very understanding and were willing to backpack. They just wanted to get out and hunt!.

Ryan & Mary and the horse crews finally made it up the road to start trail in on July 15 th . The horses made it into camp about 5 days later—the outfit was a little tattered but it was sure great to see the old ponies in camp. We did enjoy really good weather, mostly warm with timely rains and showers to keep things growing—but very buggy. We had a great berry crop so the bears and other berry pickers were happy. The early season caribou hunting was also a challenge with the bulls living on the very tops.

We none the less had a decent numbers of bulls in the area thoughout the season. With a hot buggy early summer the sheep hunting was a bit tough at times, we found lots of rams up very high in the cliffs. In the end we took 20 rams that averaged 36.75 inches and 10.25 year of age for 24 hunters. All sheep hunters had opportunities at mature rams—sadly we had two that lightly wounded rams and never found them.

Clients harvested a total of 26 bull caribou with an average B&C gross score of 365. Caribou horn growth was just not as good as we normally see in 2022. September was very warm and the moose rut was slow but the moose had good horn growth and we took some great bulls. Clients harvested 7 moose that averaged 62.5 inches in width—the best bull a 73 inch wide 235 B&C giant.

Good Hunting!
Harold & the Gana Crew