2025 Horseback Hunts (12 Days)

2025 Season Price List

Hunt #1July 15 to 26Sheep only$38,000.00
Hunt #2July 28 to Aug 08Sheep, Wolf, Wolverine$38,000.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
Hunt #3Aug 10 to 21Sheep, Wolf, Wolverine$38,000.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
Hunt #4Aug 23 to Sept 03Sheep, Wolf, Wolverine$38,000.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
  Moose if taken$18,500.00
Hunt #5Sept 05 to 14(10 Days)Moose, Wolf, Wolverine$33,500.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00

2025 Backpack Hunts (10 Days)

Hunt #1July 15 to 24Sheep only$36,000.00
Hunt #2July 26 to Aug 04Sheep, Wolf, Wolverine$36,000.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
Hunt #3Aug 06 to 15Sheep, Wolf, Wolverine$36,000.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
Hunt #4Aug 17 to 26Sheep, Wolf, Wolverine$36,000.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
Hunt #5Aug 28 to Sept 08(12 days)Mixed Bag Combo Sheep$36,500.00
  Moose if taken$18,500.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
Hunt #6  Sept 10 to 18 (9 days)Moose, Wolf, Wolverine$32,000.00
  Caribou if taken$10,000.00
 Hunt #7

 Sept 20 to 28 (9days)
Helicopter assist

Moose, Wolf, Wolverine
Sheep if taken
Caribou if taken

2025 Winter Wolf Hunt (7 Days)

Hunt #1April 01 – April 07Wolf$11,000.00
Hunt #2April 09 – April 15Wolf$11,000.00

2 on 1 Mountain Caribou Hunts

2 on 1 mountain caribou hunts can be booked on any of the backpack hunt dates after July 26 at a cost of $17,000 per hunter.

We also offfer some 12 day, 2 on 1 horseback caribou hunts in August at a cost of $17,500 per hunter.

On Backpack Hunts #5 & #6 a moose can be added to a 2 on 1 caribou hunt for a harvest fee of $18,500.00.

Winter Wolf/Wolverine Hunts

We are offering 7 or 8 day winter wolf hunts in late March and early April.

All the hunts will be conducted using snow machines.

Each hunter will have his own guide and snow machine.

Hunt cost is $11,000 per hunter plus charter cost.

All hunts will be conducted from our base camp with overnight stays at spike camp cabins.

There is a 2 wolf limit per hunter and a 1 wolverine limit per hunter. Please contact Harold for more details.

All prices are in US Dollars

There will be a charter fee of $2200 that is payable to the charter sevice in Norman Wells before the flight out to camp.

Please note that the Goods and Services Tax will be 5% for all clients in 2025.

Non hunters are welcome at a cost of $450 per day.

Please contact Harold for reduced day costs for children or other family members.

Wolf and Wolverine can be hunted on any of the hunts after July 25 if a tag is purchased in advance.

An $19,000 deposit is required to book a dall sheep or moose hunt. A $9000 deposit is required to book a mountain caribou hunt.

A $5000 partial deposit will be accepted to hold a 2026 or 2027 hunt date until November of the year preceding the hunt at which time a full deposit will be due. Hunt dates with unpaid balances as of January 15th of the year preceding the hunt will be considered open and booked over, so please ensure we have iyour balance of deposit by that time. 

A personal cheque will be accepted for all deposits.

The balance of the hunt cost is due upon arrival at Palmer Lake base camp and is payable by certified cheque, travellers cheques or cash.

Licences, tags and harvest fees

Your hunting licence is free in the Northwest Territories but species tags are about $130.00 each.

Your licence and tags should be purchased in advance by filling out a hunting licence application form.

Government of the NWT harvest fees are $484 each for Sheep, Moose and Caribou, and $242 each for wolf and wolverine.

These fees are payable to the Government of the NWT at the conclusion of your hunt.

All hunters are required to pay the $100 Non Resident Hunting Preservation Fund fee.